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Emily Franklin 2015:

Tentative Schedule


A detailed schedule will be administered to all participants upon acceptance to the seminar. Note that this schedule is tentative and may be adjusted as needed by Ms. Franklin.




Day 1

Arrival, Florence Amerigo Vespucci Airport.


Transfer to Castellina in Chianti.


Lunch in garden


Social – Meet Author Emily Franklin and the staff.


Dinner at Il Fondaccio dei Dottori


Day 2



Lecture and Q &A w/ Emily: Pitch Perfect: Finding Your Voice in Young Adult Fiction.

Can any story be written for a young adult audience? What makes a

YA voice believable?  We will explore dialogue, setting, structure

and the key elements of trust in young adult fiction.  Is your story for middle grade readers, teens, or adults (or all of the above)?  Is your novel set in this world or an imagined one? Present day, past, or future? Does it matter?  

With a few writing prompts we examine the best way to tell your story,

openings that appeal to teen and adult readers alike,

and rules (are there rules?) for keeping your adolescent audience captivated.


Emily: Writing assignment 1 description  – (Out the Back Window)




Writers work on individual assignment


Departure/Walk to Castellina

Wine Tasting in Castellina


Dinner at local restaurant


Day 3



Emily: Workshopping writing assignments.


Emily: Discussion/Writing Assignment 2 (SECRETS & SCARS) explanation


Emily meets individually with writers




Emily: “Ten Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Writing.” Emily covers everything from How to Get an Agent, the Highs and Lows of a (sometimes) Heartbreaking Job, Connecting with Readers and More: a frank discussion of the business of writing including crossing into other genres.


Emily meets individually with writers


Writers work on writing assignments


Dinner at Il Fondaccio dei Dottori*


Day 4



Workshopping assignment drafts


Emily: General comments/Discussion




Writers work on individual assignment. Emily meets individually with writers.


Day 5



Departure for Siena (3-sentence Notecards for Each Place)*


Visit to Museo del Duomo and Cathedral


Lunch at Orto de’ Pecci (Medieval orchard)


Free time in Siena. Meet at 5 pm to go to buses.


Return to Castellina


Dinner at local restaurant


Day 6



Emily: Setting as a key player.  How does setting create tension, hook

the reader, break you free?




Emily: Discussion/ Writing assignment explanation – Elements of a Scene


Writers work on writing assignments


Dinner at Il Fondaccio dei Dottori


Walk to Castellina for gelato tasting.*


Day 7



Workshopping assignment


Picnic lunch*


Writers work on writing assignments


Pizza making class* and dinner at Il Fondaccio dei Dottori.

Day 8



Emily: “That’s so lame!” AKA How to Lose a YA Reader in 5 Easy Steps


Out-of-touch slang, unrealistic dialogue, unbelievable characters and

other pitfalls. We discuss what not to do in Young Adult writing.

Dialogue exercise (What Aren’t We Saying?)


Emily: Open Q&A – ask anything (Writing and Family, Money Matters,

Managing Emotions, Getting Unstuck)




Writers work on writing assignments


Dinner at Il Fondaccio dei Dottori


Day 9



Wrap-Up of Assignments/Additional Prompts


Emily: Individual conferences 1 – Pitching and Query Letters




Emily: Individual conferences 2 – Pitching and Query Letters


Farwell Dinner at La Torre and Certificate of Completion Award Ceremony


Day 10



Departure for Florence Train Station/ Airport Amerigo Vespucci.

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